New research suggests that disease from air pollution has increased in the last 25 years, and prevention measures in the most polluted countries are needed to prevent more loss of life.

Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) has opened Australia’s first robotic surgery training centre.

The latest Bush Blitz has uncovered over 50 new species of spider.

Researchers have developed a genetically-engineered probiotic to eliminate bacterial infections.

Freshwater scientists recommend treating rivers as medical patients, applying healthcare practices to revive drowning ecosystems.

Coral bleaching has now hit up to two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef.

Australian researchers are helping unlock new smaller everyday electronic devices.

A new Australian study suggests plants have the ability to detect and respond to sounds to find water.

Authorities say boxers do more to protect their heads when they are not wearing helmets.

The Commonwealth Bank is looking to get ahead of the risks and opportunities of quantum computing.

A new report says there is still time to avoid some heatwaves by aggressively cutting carbon emissions.

Researchers have printed electronic transistors using layered materials, opening up a new way to create next-gen devices.

Researchers say not enough Australian clinicians recognise dengue fever.

A new study says researchers want open data, but a number of factors keep it hidden.

Experts say we need to change the approach to preventing strokes, and there could be an app to help.

Test runs of one of the world’s most advanced sensors have found nothing – exactly what they were looking for.

Scientists have shed light on an evolutionary arms race between the immune system and a form of herpes.

The CSIRO says red tape is holding back Australia’s medical technology and pharmaceutical industry.

A new study shows the importance of small and medium farms in feeding the world.

A snake orgy study has shown that males will mate until they die, whereas females prioritise staying alive.

Experts are rallying together to call for stronger regulations against black lung.

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