Artificial intelligence has been taught to identify people with suicidal thoughts by analysing their brain scans, according to a US study.

Researchers are working on ways to protect one new technology from another technology that barely exists.

Australian researchers have made a single tiny diamond shine with ‘superradiance’ at room temperature.

A major study of dingo DNA has revealed dingoes most likely migrated to Australia in two separate waves via a former land bridge with Papua New Guinea.

Experts say the health impacts of climate change are already being felt.

Marine scientists have genetically sequenced a whole coral organism for the first time.

A new study says Australia is one of just seven countries responsible for 60 per cent of the world's biodiversity loss from 1996-2008.

US scientists have devised a new method of gene editing that can find and replace single letters of DNA.

A new project is combining 3D-printing, robotic surgery and advanced manufacturing ...

The Federal Government has launched a $100 million fund to fight brain cancer.

Concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide surged in 2016 to the highest level in 800,000 years, according to a new report.

Scientists have created a computer model that can “solve” CAPTCHAs.

The University of Sydney has developed a blockchain system for financial transfers that is faster than almost any other.

A new study suggests children spontaneously practice skills to prepare for the future starting at the age of 6.

Even across vastly different cultures, research suggests listening to teens’ problems gives them a stronger sense of self worth.

Experts say Australian students are turning their backs on maths and science.

A global study has provided fresh insights into how climate change is affecting the distribution of marine life.

New research says lab mice that live in a sterile environment have been missing something important; germs.

The world’s largest ever genetic study of breast cancer has discovered 72 new genetic variants that put women at higher risk of the disease.

After years of failure, the Federal Government is working on a major overhaul of the Closing the Gap strategy.

Basic mental health training for managers can bring significant benefits, research shows.

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