A critical review of the evidence surrounding popular detox diets has found no evidence to support the use of such diets for weight management or toxin elimination.

Material scientists have developed a new kind of light-weight steel that is as strong as titanium.

Federal Trade Minister Andrew Robb says it could be a matter of days until a shadowy trade deal is signed, and everyday Australians lose some of their rights.

Another study has shown no link between autism and a common vaccine.

Australian researchers have come up with a brilliant idea involving cars, robots and plenty of wine.

Cursive writing lessons will be replaced with typing classes in Finland, raising questions about the future of handwriting.

Some local computer scientists have developed a new digital assessment tool that is causing a stir among educators.

Researchers have discovered evidence of a microorganism that has not evolved in more than 2 billion years, living in Western Australian waters.

The University of Queensland has launched a new open access research journal that will look at the neurobiology of learning.

The University of New South Wales is helping authorities spy on Australia from space.

Building public support for climate change policies must go further than just improving the public’s understanding of science, new research says.

Those sheltered few who still believe man has no impact on the climate have had one of their central arguments debased.

The humble roundworm could become a pioneer of modern scientific safety, as part of tests to measure the toxicity of nanoparticles.

While World Health Organisation figures show the Ebola outbreak in west Africa is slowing down, experts say now would be the worst time for the world to let its guard down.

Tests have shed light on new ways to find brain tumours, by making them much easier to spot.

A stunning new microscope will enhance Australia’s research capabilities, experts say.

There have been some loud responses to a new report on the negative effects of wind farms.

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