New research has shown that on a per-calorie basis, the carbon emissions from the production of fruit and vegetables can be much higher than for meat.

There are a number of social stereotypes about finding things, and new research suggests they could have a neuroscientific basis.

Australian researchers have revealed the distinctly heavy metal way that some bees approach pollination.

A new project has allowed researchers to gauge a person’s anger based only on the way they use a computer mouse.

Some potential recipients of the Federal Government’s $1.1 billion “ideas boom” investment say revolutionising the economy will take more than just money.

Researchers have unveiled a new kind of fire-fighting foam that becomes stronger as the temperature increases.

Engineers at MIT have created a new atomic force microscope (AFM) that can create near real-time videos of nano-scale processes.

New research has found that some widely-available traditional Chinese medicines are laced with pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and even endangered animals.

A new Federal Government initiative will bring some high-tech tools to one of the world’s oldest activities.

A new study has shown the mental health strain that climate change can bring for Australian workers.

A new society has been formed to give a voice to primary healthcare professionals on the frontline of the fight against diabetes.

The Federal Government signed an international climate change deal in Paris on Saturday night, which seeks to limit the future increase in global temperatures to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius.

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has kicked in to fund a new non-profit research company that seeks to promote ethical and safe artificial intelligence (AI).

Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has given the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) a mandate that allows it to invest in wind projects.

A new study could help destroy a possible cause of Alzheimer’s.

Young people with behavioural problems, such as antisocial and aggressive behaviour, show reduced grey matter volume in a number of areas of the brain, a new study says.

Harvard researchers have found traces of potentially harmful substances in the vapour emitted by electronic cigarettes.

With Paris climate talks stymied in indecision and ideological conflict, one researcher says appealing to a higher power might be the key.

Researchers in the US have discovered a new material for making biofuel, which had previously been discarded as part of the process.

A quick and easy new blood-type test is near the end of its journey from high-tech Australian laboratories to the market.

German engineers are about to take the next step toward what could be the future of energy systems.

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