First listed on: 18 May 2019

Research Scientist - Mouse Population Genomics

  • Conduct research that will contribute to the improved management strategies of mouse populations
  • Develop and apply genetic tools to understand genetic diversity, dispersal, gene flow and population structures
  • Develop robust rodent management recommendations for the grains industry

The Position:

The role of Research Scientist Staff in CSIRO is to conduct innovative research leading to scientific achievements that are aligned with CSIRO’s strategies. You may be engaged in scientific activity ranging from fundamental research to the investigation of specific industry or community problems. You will have the opportunity to build and maintain networks, play a lead role in securing project funds, provide scientific leadership and pursue new ideas and approaches that create new concepts.

In this role you will develop and apply genetic tools to understand genetic diversity, dispersal, gene flow and population structure of mouse populations (“landscape genomics”) to develop robust rodent management recommendations for the grains industry. This information will (1) lead to a better understanding of mouse movements (identify source and sink habitats to understand when and where to undertake management), (2) inform the design of mouse monitoring systems (spatial layout and timing of monitoring) and (3) improve our understanding of mouse ecology (where do mice live, how do they interact with crops, etc). This Research Scientist will connect these different components and generate an entirely new level of understanding of mouse populations and thereby contribute to improved management strategies.

Your duties will include:

  • Designing and carrying out population genomics studies to better understand diversity, gene flow, population dynamics, and migration patterns of mice in Australian cropping systems.
  • Assisting with the experimental design and collection of genetic material. Assisting with collection of genetic samples from the field and talking with end-users and stakeholders of this research (growers and the grains industry).
  • Liaising with clients to determine their needs and take personal responsibility for client satisfaction.
  • Under limited direction, assisting in the planning and preparation of research proposals and carry out research investigations, requiring originality, creativity and innovation.
  • Presenting results in a meaningful format, preparing reports for clients and/or writing scientific papers for publication.

Location:     Black Mountain, Canberra, ACT
Salary:          $98k to $106k plus up to 15.4% superannuation
Tenure:        3 years
Reference:  60885

To be successful, you will need:

  • A doctorate in a relevant discipline area, such as population genomics or equivalent experience.
  • Demonstrated expertise in carrying out impactful research in the area of evolutionary genetics/population genomics.
  • Demonstrated experience with analysis of genome sequencing data and high throughput sequencing population genomics data.
  • Demonstrated strong oral and written communications skills, especially in evolutionary genomics and population genomics in peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations.
  • A current Australian manual drivers' licence or the ability and eligibility to obtain an Australian manual drivers' licence.

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