Dozens of top professors have condemned Murdoch University for suing a whistleblower.

The bones of a huge-clawed predatory dinosaur have been discovered in Victoria.

The mass of Greenland’s ice cap melt has been measured by satellites.

A new study attempts to pinpoint the origin of modern humans with the greatest accuracy yet.

Scientists say plants appear to ‘panic’ in reaction to rain.

A Swinburne University researcher has been sacked after having dozens of papers retracted.

Experts say medical research is threatened by a lack of investment in stats.

New research suggests people with mental disorders have a life expectancy up to a decade shorter than the general population.

A new study could reveal why some Parkinson’s patients develop harmful addictive behaviours.

Researchers are trying to reverse engineer one of nature’s toughest materials – mother of pearl.

The mysterious US X-37B space plane has landed after over two years in space.

Young mothers may have a greater chance of having a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Quantum computing has reportedly reached a new milestone, massively outstripping the speed of a classical supercomputer.

Adelaide has the highest methamphetamine use of all cities surveyed in a new report.

Federal Parliament’s security and intelligence committee has rejected plans for a central identity database ...

The National Carp Control Plan (NCCP) will soon make recommendations about the release of carp herpes virus.

Cold ocean waters are welcomed by beachgoers in the heat of summer, but may in fact be corroding coastal ecosystems.

Australian scientists have found a new way to develop drought-resilient crops.

Scientists have studied the broad importance of krill – one of the animals lowest on the food chain.

CSIRO has opened access to Australia’s first flow chemistry facility.

The ACCC has set the goalposts for its new water inquiry.

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