A new study has shed light on kinds of skin cancer not caused by the Sun.

Researchers can predict the likelihood of lung cancer using a newly-developed ...

People who know they are being given statins appears more likely to report side effects than those who do not know.

Scientists have developed a new method to greatly improve the efficiency of cloning mice.

Leaked emails suggest CSIRO scientists have been gagged by the organisation’s executives.

Queensland researchers have discovered that the brain has its own inbuilt processes for mopping up damaging cellular waste.

Environmental stewards need to preach to non-believers ...

Australian and Canadian scientists have developed a new, more-accurate database of coral reef mass bleaching events around the world.

The Federal Government has unveiled plans for ‘Gonski 2.0’, a re-jig of recent school funding models.

University students will pay up to $3600 more for their degrees under a proposed tertiary education overhaul.

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has launched a new high-tech research lab.

Australian researchers are learning to control a gold-nugget-producing bacterium.

Australian and UK engineers have developed a new theoretical framework for computations on the very edge of quantum physics.

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