Psychologists say they are close to identifying the recipe for a viral video.

A group of doctors have found that patients prefer learning about their surgery from an iPad.

Federal education minister Simon Birmingham says mid-level maths should be made a pre-requisite for students looking to enrol in science, engineering or commerce degrees.

As the right wing faction of the LNP insists that children’s minds are being damaged by sex education, a new study says teens want more information.

The UK Government is imposing a tax on sugary drinks to help tackle obesity, leaving many to wonder if the same thing would work in Australia.

Australian experts have watched the watchers.

A recent survey has found that negative attitudes among Australian voters towards asylum seekers are driven by religious bigotry more than by racism or economic anxieties.

A single, enormous study has found hundreds of genes which cause five common, hard-to-treat and debilitating inflammatory diseases.

Experts have gathered data on the toll that heavy drinkers take on society.

Australia is preparing to take the lead on an energy source that is perfect for a nation girt by sea.

Australian engineers have unveiled a new type of graphene-based filter that work several times faster than current equivalents.

One Australian mining company is looking beyond the standard materials for its next big project.

An international team of scientists has reported a successful outcome in trials for a new method to repair congenital cataracts.

Cola-Cola has published a list of 34 Australian institutions that were given a share of $1.7 million in research funding over the past five years.

Biomedical engineers have grown functional sperm cells from stem cells.

A potentially life-saving new Australian drug is on its way to market.

Australian experts are helping usher-in the ultra-secure telecommunications of the future.

Australian research says Vitamin D does not help treat symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.

Scientists have demonstrated an exciting new property of the futuristic material graphene.

The engineers of the future say new cities will be designed according to the lessons of our biological past.

Humans spend much less time chewing than our primate cousins, and it may have actually helped us evolve.

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