A new Torrens University campus has officially opened in Adelaide.

One expert says there is a goldmine of data at many major that could be used to enhance a range of outcomes.

Conservationists and authorities around Australia are mourning the loss of one of the environment’s fiercest defenders.

An Australian researcher says the revival of an Aboriginal language in South Australia could bring mental health benefits.

An experimental NASA satellite is providing some exciting and useful data on Australian groundwater, but it has all happened by accident.

Physicist Stephen Hawking has helped launch the most in-depth search for intelligent life in outer space ever undertaken; a quest with a distinctly Australian angle.

Researchers in the US have identified new drug compounds that could successfully treat depression in less than 24 hours, while minimising side effects.

The Greens are pushing for Australian authorities to take on a Portuguese program that approaches drug addiction as a health issue, not a criminal one.

A new hub will put futuristic manufacturing technologies in young Australian hands.

A new research project has seen scientists wirelessly determine the path a mouse walks with a press of a button.

Researchers have developed a very promising prototype of a new solar cell, which produces clean hydrogen gas fuel from liquid water.

A forum in Darwin has heard of an idea that could greatly boost education outcomes for kids in the bush.

A new centre will be set up specifically to find ways of demonstrating teacher effectiveness.

A study from the US suggests children can be prompted to consume more unhealthy foods by seeing plump cartoon characters.

Experts say sports betting is becoming a normal social practice, but could potentially lead to peer pressure and risky gambling behaviour.

Public servants at Murray Darling-Basin Authority have voted to strike over their ongoing pay and conditions battle.

Experts say Australia can achieve zero net emissions by 2050, living within its recommended carbon budget and using technologies that exist today, while still growing the economy.

After ten years and nearly 5 billion kilometres, NASA’s New Horizons mission has got the best glimpse of Pluto in human history.

One Australian expert has warned mum and dad investors to brace for an extended stretch of uncertainty in global markets, as volatility becomes 'the new normal'.

Research has revealed an intriguing behaviour displayed by the cuttlefish – it sizes up a counterpart and adjusts its fighting style before battle.

Harvard engineers have unveiled their latest creation - a 3D-printed robot that is soft, rigid and explosive.

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