A NSW court ruling has called the accuracy of roadside drug tests into question.

Australian researchers are working to pack more data into optical fibre.

Australia’s Cocos Islands are littered with an estimated 414 million pieces of plastic debris.

Australian experts are working on exciting new water-splitting technologies.

Researchers have found a way to compress the genetic code of synthetic organisms.

Local experts have come up with a single vaccine to simultaneously combat two of the world’s most deadly respiratory diseases.

Queensland researchers have tested the world’s first mango-harvesting robot.

The EU has agreed to a new mechanism to freeze hackers' assets and ban them from entry anywhere in world.

Australian experts have set up Australia’s first psychology outreach clinic for high school students.

A new study has found fish fences wreak havoc on marine life and make overfishing easier.

Scientists say far more species of marine megafauna use coastal habitats than previously thought.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre wants new people to uplift the agency’s cyber posture.

Australian scientists and experts have signed a statement calling on the next Australian government to prioritise climate action.

CSIRO was pushed to accept the Federal Government’s approval of the Adani’s groundwater plans, reports say.

Government funding to private schools has grown by far more than public schools over the decade to 2017.

Ten per cent of oxygen comes from just one kind of bacteria – one that is susceptible to plastic pollution.

Experts say Australia is in a STEM teaching crisis.

Australian scientists say the internet’s ‘trustability’ protocols are severely broken.

Engineers have come up with a low-cost, passive method for groundwater exploration.

Japanese researchers have edited snail DNA to make their shells spiral the other way around.

WaterNSW has called for a curb on mining for two big coal mines in Sydney's catchment.

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