Some parts of the Amazon rainforest are now emitting more carbon than storing it.

More greenhouse gases were produced in 2018 than any previous year, despite efforts to reduce carbon emissions...

The Federal Government says it may have the numbers to stop the Great Barrier Reef being listed as ‘in danger’.

Experts say that monster shark movies could be savage for shark conservation.

Experts say sponges and marine algae may have an important role in absorbing carbon dioxide from the ocean and atmosphere.

Researchers in the US are working on artificial ‘imagination’.

Australian researchers have come up with a new plasma coating technology that could replace the rare earth metal indium...

The Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is using Instagram as part of its annual recruitment drive.

While the COVID-19 pandemic saw a rise in research and clinical trials, experts say cracks are beginning to emerge.

Scientists have successfully converted a paralysed man’s brain waves into speech.

Victoria is setting up a new ‘innovation precinct’.

US scientists have developed an energy harvesting device that generates power from the sweat on fingertips.

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) wants data on water quality trends in the Murray River.

Experts have investigated the size of the illegal trade of Australian lizards.

Experts have reacted to the latest change in COVID-19 vaccine advice.

Japanese researchers have combined two new technologies to obtain higher solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency.

The World Health Organization has made new recommendations on human genome editing.

Sir Richard Branson has won the billionaire space race.

Experts say Australia’s dengue fever risk area is growing.

Australian researchers are working on the ability to experience touch over the internet.

Australian researchers are working on an instant COVID sensor to prevent outbreaks and protect communities.

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