Former Nationals leader Mark Vaile has been pushed out of the Univer­sity of Newcastle over his links to the coal sector.

New research shows more than half of the world's rivers run dry at least once a year.

A destructive pest beetle is edging closer to Australia, surging through nearby Pacific islands.

UN officials say the Great Barrier Reef should be placed on a list of world heritage sites “in danger”.

Whale sharks shed their DNA into seawater via their skin, and researchers are now following this trail to track the mysterious megafauna.

A new kind of ‘smart cement’ could be used for more durable roads and cities.

New research shows a common antibiotic could be useful in accelerating recovery from tuberculosis.

Skies around the world are criss-crossed with contrails - fluffy white streaks left by airplanes.

Japanese researchers have developed high-tech earmuffs that can measure blood alcohol concentration.

The University of Newcastle has been blacklisted by philanthropists after appointing coal mining boss Mark Vaile as its new chancellor.

Google is searching for a new way to measure skin tones to curb bias in its products.

A big review finds many health apps are oversharing on users’ behalf.

A new startup is seeking to solve some of the hardest problems in the transition to renewable energy.

Researchers in the US have shown that human cells can write RNA sequences into DNA.

Foreign Minister Marise Payne is reviewing over 6,000 deals between universities and foreign powers.

A major review has recommended changes to assessments of the quality, engagement and impact of Australia’s university research.

The SA Government has approved a rocket launch pad on the Eyre Peninsula, despite objections from...

Experts have reported back after Phase II trials of an Alzheimer's vaccine.

The Federal Government faces hurdles in its attempt to redirect renewable energy funds.

Experts have identified a giant prehistoric croc that prowled south-east Queensland’s waterways millions of years ago.

Satellite studies have revealed seasonal changes and sources of microplastics in the ocean.

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