New technology is helping paralysed people ‘write’ on a computer screen by just thinking about it.

Experts want Australia to dump NAPLAN and replace it with more dynamic tests.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has left the asteroid Bennu and is on its way back to Earth.

Budget 2021-22 relegates climate funding to the margins and assumes fossil fuels will drive growth.

New research suggests time is running out to save coral reefs.

Researchers are shedding new light on our oldest evolutionary antecedents - bacteria.

A new stem cell therapy is being developed for pelvic organ prolapse.

There is little for the university sector to get excited about in this week’s federal budget.

Experts say more advanced hearing aids may not be better.

A NSW gold miner wants an enormous water licence from the state government.

Australian experts have shown that next-gen solar panels can run cooler.

Melbourne researchers have come up with a new way to test Strep A vaccines.

Researchers are working out how sharks use the Earth’s magnetic field to guide their international adventures.

Scientists are flying small drones in a grid formation to monitor the environment.

A new study sheds more light on the risk of rare blood clots from the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

New research suggests complex passwords are not always best.

Local researchers have developed new tools to enhance citizen science.

Scientists have completed the first comprehensive study of north western Australia’s deep corals.

Experts say limited fishing ‘yellow zones’ are still important tools for protecting the Great Barrier Reef.

Australian researchers have identified an enzyme that could help 700 million people who live with chronic kidney disease.

Federal and state Murray-Darling Basin water ministers have agreed to a 2024 deadline for new water-saving projects.

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