Scientists have translated the structure of a spider’s web into music.

An Australian uni student’s second-year homework has been picked up by Amazon quantum researchers.

Ocean researchers have discovered a microbe that has not evolved for millions of years.

Scientists have found exactly the black hole they were looking for - not too small, and not too big.

Researchers are on their way to study reefs in the ‘twilight zone’.

Elon Musk’s company Neuralink has posted a clip of a monkey controlling video games with its mind.

Australian nuclear experts are working on nanoparticles to treat brain cancer.

An independent report has raised concerns about the risk of drilling new gas wells near contaminated land.

A new report shows many people want an end to new petrol car sales.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has abandoned all targets for the nationwide rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.

Researchers have used hair waste from a barbershop to improve the performance of solar technology.

Immersive virtual reality (VR) could help patients with acquired communication disorders.

Research suggests kids may have taken a significant hit to their learning progress during lockdowns.

Physicists have found more indications of a fifth fundamental force of nature.

Research suggests that not only do brain cells keep living after we die, some can grow to gargantuan proportions.

The first ever powered, controlled flight on another planet will take place in coming days.

Scientists have identified a key tipping point that will drive future sea level rises.

Bitcoin mining in China will soon use as much energy as a major European nation.

A toxin known as the ‘Very Fast Death Factor’ has been found in the air above an algal bloom.

Climate change could undo decades of progress in agricultural productivity.

The ocean is getting uncomfortable for tropical fish, with studies showing they are moving away from the equator.

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