Some Queensland universities have revealed the heavy cost of COVID-19.

The leaders of Australia’s COVID-19 sewage surveillance scheme have given more details on their plan.

Experts say the collective behaviour of ocean microbes plays big role in climate processes.

Climate change and warming seas are making decades of conservation knowledge less useful.

Scientists have developed a new method of detecting patches of floating plastic based on satellite images.

Australian researchers have used tree-ring data to create a global database for water-use efficiency.

New measurements suggest that laws of nature are not as constant as previously thought.

Experts are working on ways to reduce the carbon footprint of artificial intelligence (AI).

Engineers have developed a way to incorporate electronic sensors into stretchy fabrics, allowing clothes to monitor vital signs.

Australian researchers have discovered an innovative way to dampen severe inflammation.

Australian astronomers have been awarded more than 20 million hours of supercomputing time to study the influence of supermassive black holes on their host galaxies.

A new report finds science denial is one of the greatest risks to humanity.

Deakin University says it expects to lose up to $300 million by the end of 2021, making redundancies inevitable.

A new database shows Australia’s threatened mammal numbers have declined by more than a third since the 1990s.

Macquarie University has signed a deal to switch to 100 per cent renewable electricity.

Psychologists have launched a national research project investigating panic-buying behaviours.

A disease that threatens the local seafood industry has been discovered again.

Experts have taken a deep dive into the scientific and social impacts of droughts; past, present and future.

Experts are looking at ways to store energy in the twisted threads of diamond.

Australian engineers are working on windows that can generate electricity.

Experts say abnormal brain stem activity might explain some of the attention issues seen in autism.

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