Astronomers have recorded the biggest explosion ever seen in the universe.

Transport experts have looked at using public transport to help move city freight.

Scientists have discovered a non-oxygen breathing animal, shaking up long-held assumptions about life on Earth.

A new study finds the cashless debit card scheme and other compulsory welfare income management does more harm than good.

The Education Minister says he wants to end university ‘cancel culture’.

Researchers are looking to steal the water-purifying ability of mangrove trees.

Experts say more than a quarter of the world’s oceans are in urgent need of conservation.

Australian engineers have secured patents for a new kind of fusion energy generator.

High temperatures are adding more stress to the Great Barrier Reef.

Engineers have created a soft-fingered robot to gently handle jellyfish.

An artificial intelligence system has identified a powerful new drug for antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Top global health bodies have laid out a broad range of risks they say is putting young people’s future under threat.

The new Australian Space Agency launched this week.

The Grattan institute has proposed a ‘master teacher’ position be created to improve teaching across schools.

Melting ice from Antarctica could add up to half a metre to sea level rise this century.

A Townsville scientist is investigating ways to produce corals for restoring and maintaining healthy reefs.

Queensland researchers are working on solar power technology that can be used as a flexible ‘skin’ over hard surfaces.

Australian researchers have been offered $2 million in federal funds for COVID-19 research.

Chinese scientists have transmitted information between two entangled clouds of atoms 50 kilometres apart.

Engineers have solved a key flaw in solar panels after 40 years of research.

New research has revealed what appears to be a ‘switch’ that controls consciousness in the brain.

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