Four academics share the 2020 PM's Prize for Science for their contributions to the detection of gravitational waves.

The National Archives is looking to use a $3 million investment to save 30,000 audiovisual records.

Researchers are using ‘fish lollies’ to capture predator activity.

Experts say beaches can survive sea-level rises if they have space to move.

Engineers are taking design tips from an ‘uncrushable’ beetle.

New analysis suggests industrial emissions will rise for another decade, despite government policies.

Researchers have reviewed the environmental impact of the 2011 Fukushima accident.

New data shows melting ice is likely to exacerbate global warming.

Australian quantum theorists have shown how to thwart limits on the coherence of lasers.

Australian engineers have come up with a new method to remove harmful E. coli from water.

Scientists have found clear evidence for water on the Moon.

Research finds a universal basic income in Australia would lift thousands out of poverty.

International research suggests babies are consuming as many as 16 million microplastic particles in a litre of formula.

CSIRO says Australia has the potential to capitalise on more of the battery value chain.

Researchers are working on dietary treatments for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

A new Australian invention should make it easier to find ‘new Earths’.

The latest national digital inclusion report shows many groups continue to miss out on the benefits of being online.

The benefits of genetic testing are being held back by a lack of public information.

Researchers say the use of long-acting, reversible contraceptives has doubled over the last decade.

Australian experts are looking at new materials that could guide the future of low-energy data storage.

A new survey has found nearly one in five Australian scientists are planning to leave the profession.

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