The Education Minister says a new ruling will let unis modernise their staffing.

A new study links staying in school with a lower risk of heart disease.

Trans kids are at much higher risk for suicide and are approximately 10 times more likely ...

Marine microbes are the heart of ocean ecosystems, but it has been almost impossible to study them in their natural environment.

A study of over 100,000 people suggests a high fat diet is less dangerous than high carbohydrates.

Research suggests high-intensity fish farms could harm hearing.

Scientists have set a new record for cooling molecules.

Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd says Japan is now using military-grade technology to track its ships ...

Queensland researchers have tied crystals in a knot.

MIT has made another step towards nuclear fusion technology.

Animal studies have uncovered a potential link between gut bacteria and anxiety.

Australia’s first Renewable Energy Index report has been released, showing the growing role of clean power...

Shark-spotting drones will soon start patrolling Australian beaches.

A new study says one in five primary school boys exhibit emotional and behavioural problems.

Harvard University researchers say Exxon Mobil has intentionally misrepresented climate science.

UNSW’s deputy vice-chancellor has reflected on the growing pains of Australian universities.

Australian researchers have discovered an entirely new way of sharing DNA, in a study of Antarctic microbes.

A modular artificial reef will soon be suspended near the Sydney Opera House.

Local researchers have looked at whale population recovery times since the era when many were hunted almost to extinction.

Water scientists say millions of litres of toxic water is escaping from a derelict coal mine into Sydney's drinking water catchment.

Australian researchers have removed a major stumbling block preventing zinc-air batteries from overtaking lithium-ion.

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