High-tech methods have been used to improve centuries-old clockwork mechanisms.

Rumour has it gossiping may actually be useful.

Swinburne engineers have been awarded for ground-breaking work to keep buildings standing.

Engineers have discovered that porous wood can greatly increase the efficiency of water-to-steam conversion under sunlight.

IBM is allowing cloud access to its 20-qubit quantum computer.

Researchers say they have found a second function for oxytocin in the brain.

Neuroscientists have watched the brain grow and shrink as lessons become engrained functions.

A new research collaboration has been launched to develop the next generation of sensitive, portable disease and drugs tests.

Trade ministers from 11 Pacific Rim countries have announced an agreement on a rebadged Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Tasmanian researchers have found a living throwback to one of the earliest lifeforms on Earth.

Researchers have embarked on a multi-phase project to save the Great Barrier Reef from further damage.

New research suggests livestock have been directly responsible for about 23 per cent of annual global warming.

A major piece of Australian astronomical research infrastructure is now ten times more powerful.

Many animals sound an alarm to alert others of impending danger, but it appears that crested pigeons do this in a surprisingly non-vocal way.

Researchers have attached Fitbit components to sharks to aid in monitoring and conservation.

Over 15,000 scientists have signed a warning letter about the Earth.

Researchers say insurers are engaging in genetic discrimination.

Researchers have developed a flexible material that generates electricity when stressed ...

New research suggests global electricity industry C02 emissions could be brought to zero by 2050.

Researchers are looking decades down the line for later-than-next-generation power sources.

Experts say the very idea of schooling needs to change to face the AI revolution.

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