Researchers have recovered a large section of dinosaur tail, complete with heavy plumage, encased in amber.

The planet is warming, and if reducing greenhouse emissions is not enough to counter the risk, we may need ...

Robust new evidence shows that wet regions of the earth are getting wetter and dry regions are getting drier.

A report on the recovery of sea life after Japan’s 2011 tsunami has been released.

A new study on controlling the rhythms of the brain has some startling results.

An analysis of 30 years’ worth of global water data has been released.

Australian researchers have crafted a new nano-diamond for cutting through ultra-solid materials.

An international study says depression affects nearly a third of all med students.

One hundred experiments designed by Australian students are now on their way to space.

Australian scientists have designed a crystal nano-antenna that turns darkness into visible light.

Researchers have attached cameras to babies to develop a new theory of infant language-learning.

A global report found has found a dip in the educational achievements of Australian 15-year-olds.

Experts have calculated the size of Australia’s nitrogen footprint.

An international team featuring local expertise has plumbed the possibilities of advanced nano-materials.

A third of Australia’s freshwater species could lose the majority of their home ranges due to climate change, research suggests.

The CSIRO has backed emissions trading as the way to cut power bills and hit carbon targets.

New figures show the incidence of cancer worldwide has increased by 33 per cent in a decade.

Engineers have taken tips from nature to inform new sensor designs.

Australian researchers have made a polymer patch that could help mend a broken heart.

Australian computer scientists have helped reveal the secrets of the origin of our solar system.

Australian engineers have smashed the world efficiency record for a new kind of solar cell.

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