Compulsory coding classes will be rolled out across Queensland next year.

A government review has labelled Australia's university entrance system confusing, inconsistent and misunderstood.

Former presidents and world leaders are calling for drugs to be decriminalised.

CSIRO is seeking a full petaflop of processing power.

Researchers have created the world’s first global assessment of gaps in protection of the world’s rivers.

Warming oceans are pushing fish to over-exploit kelp forests off NSW.

Craving chips with gravy? Researchers say they know why.

A new implant has allowed paralysed monkeys to walk again.

Worldwide CO2 emissions have flattened-out over the last three years.

Engineers say wave power along the southeast coast of Australia is a viable source of renewable energy.

Researchers are trying a completely novel approach to insulin dosage.

New research has found big gaps in important digital health data.

A troubled school in the Queensland community of Aurukun will not be saved by ‘direct instruction’.

The first reports are in from Australia’s search for life in outer space.

Experts forecast increasing heatwaves and extreme bushfires, but the future of storms and rainfall is less clear.

The cash-strapped Australian Bureau of Statistics has put 150 jobs on the line.

It is well known that modern humans interbred with Neanderthals, but ...

Scientists say our “innovation nation” could be turning into a wasteland.

The level of hand hygiene at one Australian hospitas “beggars belief”, an infection control expert warns.

The Paris climate agreement has come into legal force ...

A new study pushes back the history of Aboriginal invention by 10,000 years ...

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