Economists say the funding links between fossil fuel firms and researchers could threaten academic independence.

Australian scientists have helped create the most detailed map of the Milky Way, using the world’s largest radio telescopes.

As modern humans and Neanderthals interbred, a new study says their genital warts came together too.

Scientists say Tasmanian devil milk could have incredible medicinal properties, for anyone bold enough to gather some.

Japanese researchers have produced fully functional eggs from skin cells.

Australian engineers have kept a quantum bit stable for 10 times longer than ever before.

Australian researchers are transforming tiny particles into modular building blocks.

The Australian Council of Social Service says there are now more kids in poverty than at any other time this decade.

Large water-bound turbines are being tested in Tasmania’s Tamar River.

An Australian science writer says women can fix the big challenges our planet faces.

The wordy works of Shakespeare have been used to help autistic kids open up.

The Education Minister’s efforts to reform higher education are trundling along.

Engineers have unveiled a cheap, open-source microscope that turns protozoa into Pac-Man.

New research has looked at the 'thermal inequality' created by a lack of trees in poorer suburbs.

Scientists have removed and analysed single neurons from fruit fly embryos...

A new report claims public health campaigns to increase measles vaccination rates can benefit from additional publicity during outbreaks.

Australian researchers have observed, for the first time, the formation of quasiparticles in real time.

New US guidelines cover the ethical decisions that driverless cars will have to make.

A University of NSW study could bury claims that bike helmets do not help.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has released a new app.

A massive global health check suggests people are living more years with illness and disability.

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