Flinders University has marked the end of its first ever ‘Teacher in Residence’ program, which sees senior secondary science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teachers helped by direct contact with academics.

Spanish architects have unveiled plans for floating farm factories to feed the world when the ocean takes over the land.

A mining firm and a bastion of academia will join forces to boost science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

Macquarie University has enlisted some help for its push to create the world’s first totally synthetic life form.

Australia has dropped a few spots on a list of the worst-polluting countries in the world.

Hundreds of international scientists and engineers have visited a big dish in the desert of WA.

Many of the big Australian health groups want the Federal Government to do more about the Ebola outbreak in Africa, but the Foreign Minister says the World Health Organisation (WHO) has not asked.

Scientists have learned a little bit more about the physical process of remembering.

European scientists say chemotherapy and radiotherapy are safe for unborn babies.

Tough times at Questacon, as a central feature in Australia’s science education landscape sees its wallet getting thinner.

Man and machine may work together to improve the educational outcomes of both, if a new project takes off.

Three Queensland researchers have had their work on cutting corruption featured in one of the most authoritative publications in the world.

The face of the adult human is covered in microscopic eight-legged creatures, not an appealing image, but it could help trace our path across the planet.

Despite their constant grinning, research shows that some dogs are distinctly more pessimistic than others.

A speech this week explored the idea that the Northern Territory’s rising prison population has been helping keep the economy in check.

Antarctic sea ice will reach new records in coming weeks, one expert says, but the growing ice is already being used as an anti-climate change argument.

Engineers in the US have invented a battery powered by molten metals which could be excellent for grid-level power storage.

Electrical engineers have developed a nanoscale device that can weigh a single photon and mechanically transport it for the first time.

A Japanese building firm says it wants to smash the tallest building record with one of the most ambitious projects in history.

Activists have stormed Parliament House this week, getting extremely close to prominent politicians to make sure their message was heard.

The weekend saw the African nation of Sierra Leone in lockdown as a measure to stop the worst Ebola outbreak in history.

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