A simple oral vaccine has managed to completely block the monkey equivalent of HIV, and human trials are on the way

A fascinating research project has seen two people send emails directly to each others’ minds.

The 2014 outbreak of Ebola in West Africa has been traced to a single infection that started a chain of human-human transmission, and experts say it will not stop soon.

YouTube can do many things, but a new study says saving lives is probably not one of them.

Emoticons just don’t cut it - a new study says children’s social skills are being reduced by their excessive use of digital screens and media.

The Federal Government’s school chaplaincy program will go ahead, but has been changed to get around a High Court decision.

A new site has been set up for some astounding pieces of science gear to be housed in Australia.

Researchers have found over 4,000 new species an Antarctic lake 800 metres beneath the icy surface.

Group of Eight vice-chancellors have assembled in Canberra this week as decisions are made around university deregulation.

An Australian study has shed new light on the relationship between Neanderthals and modern humans, suggesting they lived side-by-side for thousands of years.

The robots are coming – and they want our rainforests.

One of Australia’s youngest scientific laser-wranglers has received a $25,000 boost to her high-tech water filter work.

One of the world’s leading authorities in experimental immunology says Australian parents must think rationally about vaccination.

The sudden explosion of a multi-million dollar engineering project has been dubbed “an anomaly”.

An Australian university-run project has seen teams of young engineers design and build houses for rural Cambodian communities.

Australian students have made a technological breakthrough that may herald a new age of robotics and automation in our daily lives.

The Australian Federal Government’s skittishness about renewable energy systems has forced one solar power giant to look elsewhere.

As major car-makers Toyota, Hyundai and Honda prepare to release vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells, a new device could help the spread of advanced transport.

As almost 280 people are diagnosed each day, a new development could spare Australia’s 1.1 million diabetics some time and effort.

New research shows that autistic children have excess synapses, the connections between neurons, which do not decline with age.

As the modern world becomes more and more populated with graphics, images and videos, some researchers wonder how our brains can continue to cope.

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