University of Southern Queensland (USQ) researchers have secured funding for new research into water and energy efficiency on Queensland farms.

The AIDS 2014 conference started under a dark cloud in Melbourne.

Nearly 60 per cent of the risk of developing autism is genetic and most of that risk is caused by common, inherited variant genes that are in individuals without the disorder, according to a new study.

Researchers in the UK have developed a powerful new technique to show how the environment affects our DNA.

The future could be defined by the rise of nanobots, hyperconductors, quantum networks and... eggplant?

A move made by the Senate on the Federal Budget means $435 million will not be cut from universities.

More than double the number of enrolments has led t a big expansion of kindergarten ethics classes in New South Wales.

Next week marks the start of the football World Cup many have been waiting for.

There are fears of a brain drain in Tasmania, with warnings that half the state’s CSIRO staff face the sack.

Australian space scientists will build a domestic satellite industry at the Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre (AITC), now that it is complete.

High-tech imaging has revealed new complexity in a Queensland fossil site once thought to be caused by a massive stampede.

Satellite analysis has shown that since 1979 sea-ice cover has shrunk around the Arctic, but grown in the Antarctic.

Teams across the country will be working furiously on their entries for the G20 water challenge.

Australian engineers say greater efficiency will flow from improved electric motors.

Australia’s biodiversity is a part of its national identity, and a new book from CSIRO details an incredible range of ways to keep it safe.

A simple yet powerful Australian water treatment technology will be brought to the global market.

Researchers have looked to alien life-forms for a potentially revolutionary new view of cancer.

Black has become blacker, with the development of a material that reflects almost no light whatsoever.

A new phase-changing material could soften up the world for the age of shape-shifting robots.

Tests are looking positive for a new drug to treat a form of childhood blindness.

‘A wall to bring people together’ sound likes a strange concept, but that is exactly what the developers of a new interactive display surface hope to achieve.

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