Research grants have been awarded to Monash University in the effort to improve the state’s mental health sector on a systemic level.

A joint initiative will see an in-depth survey of the Great Australian Bight carried out over four years by the CSIRO in collaboration with BP oil explorations.

Researchers in the United States have used microbes to achieve the highest rate yet in the conversion of plant material into biofuel.

New research has led to the development of a model for assessing the best way to install natural barriers for protecting vital groundwater supplies.

Engineering researchers have developed a new kind of building block which is both incredibly strong and small.

Researchers at CSIRO are abuzz with the success of their new development; a tracker called WASP (or Wireless Ad hoc System for Positioning) designed for use in underground mines.

Two new studies have suggested celery, artichokes and certain herbs may be able to kill human pancreatic cancer cells.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are working on a new technology which can ‘talk’ to large structures about their health and wellbeing. 

Mobile phones, computers, video game consoles and other such devices are crammed with an unbelievable amount of microscopic transistors to allow them to process information, but still none have come close to the complexity or computing scale of the human brain.

A new device has allowed the wireless transmission of data between two devices with no power supplies or batteries.

Scottish scientists have done some prospecting in space, identifying twelve nearby asteroids which could be harnessed and mined for valuable resources.

A morning cup of tea or coffee is considered vital by many, but now researchers say it may provide more benefits than just being able to face the day.

A partnership has been formed to improve the standard of aged-care in Australia.

The Academic Ranking of World Universities has been released by a Chinese institution for the tenth consecutive year, and seen 19 Australian universities ranked in the world’s top 500.

A study has probed the effects of Facebook use on the well-being of young people, finding that it does not seem to help.

A study of various types of coral reef fish has highlighted the barriers they face in evolution; barriers which define species and help create new ones too.

A new study has revealed the effects of the rapid loss of giant ancient creatures, whose massive droppings played a significant role in forming the current ecosystem.

A team of psychiatrists and neuroscientists at Monash University is claiming success in tests using intense magnetic fields to treat patients with drug-resistant depression.

Researchers at CSIRO have developed a new technique which paves the way for the next generation of portable potable water devices.

A team of engineering students at the University of New South Wales has had a re-think of the traditionally super-sleek solar car design, remodelling the sun-mobile with humans in mind.

New research into efficient and sustainable models for public transport has been undertaken by scientists at the University of Sydney, hopefully leading to a world without traffic jams.

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