The Federal and Victorian Governments have announced an agreement that will see the Australian Synchrotron come under the authority of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).


The announcement comes after the Federal and Victorian Governments secured $100 million in funding for the synchrotron under a four-funding agreement.


Federal Minister for Science and Research, Senator Chris Evans, said the agreement will enhance the potential of the synchrotron and deliver future important scientific outcomes for Australia.


"When combined, these two complementary science disciplines give a more comprehensive view which will enable new Australian discoveries from better ways to fight disease to how industrial processes operate,” Senator Evans said.


"Last month the Australian Government announced a $168 million project at ANSTO to develop an export-scale nuclear medicine manufacturing plant which will create around 20 million doses of life-saving medicine a year," Senator Evans said.


"The Synchrotron is one of Australia's most important pieces of science infrastructure and the Government will be looking to ANSTO to continue building on the Synchrotron's strong scientific record."