Engineers at DARPA – the US military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – have created a device that is as scary as it is astounding; a bullet than can change direction mid-air.

DARPA has announced successful tests of a new self-guided, mid-flight-changing .50-calibre projectile.

The project, dubbed “Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordinance” (EXACTO), has been tasked with “developing more accurate military artillery that will enable greater firing range, minimize the time required to engage with targets, and also help reduce missed shots that can give away the troops’ location.”

The bullet uses optical sensors to gather in-flight information and internal electronic systems to control its fins.

The fins appear to deploy in-flight to adjust the bullet’s trajectory.

DARPA's EXACTO team conducted the first successful live-fire tests to demonstrate the in-flight guidance breakthrough.

The following video shows EXACTO rounds adjusting themselves in-flight to hit targets that are offset from where the firing rifle is initially aimed.