The South Australian Government has awarded $1.3 million through the State’s International Research Grant Program, which aims to improve collaborations between international and domestic research partners in South Australia.

State Minister for Science, Grace Portolesi, said that the program aimed to target research that directly relates to the State’s seven priority areas.

"With State funding of up to $300,000 over three years, each of the five projects is well placed to progress and lead technological advancements in areas of State and international importance at one of our leading research institutions,” Ms Portolesi said.

Some of the newly funded initiatives include:

  • The Belgian von Karmen Institute for Fluid Dynamics and The University of Adelaide, to participate in the design and development of a ‘CubeSat’, a small satellite used forscientific measurement and observation. The satellite will collect atmospheric data forclimate change modelling.
  • The Institute for Photonic Technology in Germany and The University of Adelaide to develop next generation silica-based optical fibres for laser machining applications, and new light sources for sensing and imaging applications; which can be used in areas such as environmental monitoring, agriculture, preventative health and mining.
  • National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan and SA Water Corporation to build capacity in South Australia to improve water quality for drinking, environmental and reuse purposes, using optical sensor monitoring and advanced modelling of water treatment and management processes.
  • The University of Manitoba in Canada and The University of Adelaide, to investigate more efficient and environmentally sustainable ways to increase levels of omega 3 fatty acids in the eggs and meat of chickens, for increased nutrition. For further details on the International Research Grant Program, part of the Premier's

Research and Industry Fund, visit or contact (08) 8207 8702.