The Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced new terms of reference and new membership for the Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC) following a recent review of its operations and membership.


The new smaller Council will meet three times a year to provide more timely independent scientific policy advice to Government on existing and emerging issues.


The PMSEIC's revised membership will include:

  • Prime Minister (chair);
  • Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research (alternate chair);
  • Minister for Industry and Innovation
  • Other Ministers relevant to the meeting, at the invitation of the Prime Minister;
  • Australia's Chief Scientist;
  • CEO of the Australian Research Council;
  • CEO of the National Health and Medical Research Council and;
  • Six individual standing members, chosen for their contributions to science and research:
    • ­Dr Megan Clark; 
    • Dr Cathy Foley; 
    • Dr Ben Greene; 
    • Professor Robert Saint;
    • Professor Fiona Stanley; and
    • Professor Graeme Turner.


The Council will  continue to provide essential advice to Government on issues facing Australia's long term future, looking five to 30 years ahead.


The new Council, led by Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb, will be able to refer long-term issues, five to 30 years ahead, requiring a scientific response, to the Australian Council of Learned Academies to undertake in-depth, interdisciplinary research for report to Government through the Chief Scientist.


The Prime Minister also announced $1.95 million over four years to 2014-15 for in-depth and evidence based research to support the work of the Learned Academies.


Professor Chubb will consult with business, universities, state chief scientists and other stakeholders on Council projects and priorities.


More regular meetings will also help the Council provide more timely scientific policy advice to meet the needs of the economy as well as responses to regional developments and international relations.


High on the agenda of the new Council will also be the Chief Scientist's report on the Health of Australian Science.


The PMSEIC will convene early this year. For more information, visit