A new report, Science and Research Collaboration between Australia and China has been released which provides a detailed analysis of the growing links between Australia and China.


The report, released by the Australian Government as part of a new knowledge exchange initiative within the Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF),  analyses the rise of Australia-China science and research collaboration in the context of each country's socio-economic environment, the development of bilateral relations and the global growth of science and research.


It compares policy frameworks and investments in science and research in Australia and China, assesses the scale and focus of current science and research collaboration between the countries and provides information about opportunities and challenges for the future.


Key findings of the report include:

  • both Australia and China have prioritised developing a national innovation system to use science and research to build prosperity and address key challenges;
  • there is scope for collaborative relationships in areas of global importance such as sustainable agriculture and energy;
  • the large number of Chinese students studying in Australia is developing networks that assist future collaborative efforts; and
  • significant opportunities exist for research institutions and business to create innovation-driven partnerships with Chinese organisations.

The Australian Government has committed $9 million to the ACSRF over three years from 2011-12, matched by the Chinese Government.


For more information on the Australia-China Science and Research Fund, visit www.innovation.gov.au/ACSRF.