A report published by the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) has found that stronger links between astronomers and industry is critical driving innovation in the area.



The AAO's Forward Look review, released by Federal Science and Research Minister Chris Evans, outlines a specific strategy for Australian astronomy out to 2015 and beyond.


"As part of this review, the AAO has made a commitment to work with my department to share that technology and research with Australian industry in order to drive innovation and keep Australian industry competitive," Senator Evans said.


"The AAO is at the forefront of developing innovative technologies to address challenges in astronomy that could have important commercial implications in the future."


The AAO has outlined a strategy that will see it pursue greater access to large international optical telescope for Australia's astronomers.


Australia currently has a 6.2 per cent share in the two eight-metre Gemini telescopes, one in Hawaii and the other in Chile. The AAO will endeavour to boost access for Australian astronomers to the level of a 20 per cent share in an eight-metre telescope.


"These programs are undertaken in collaboration with Australian and overseas institutions, and the AAO will look to multiply and strengthen links with our international partners," Senator Evans said.


"At the same time, it will seek to share its intellectual property with industry, in line with the National Innovation Priorities."