The Queensland Government has awarded eight Health Research Fellowships totalling $3.9m  to support the research of Queensland Government workers.


The Health Research Fellows and Clinical Academic Fellows will investigate cardiovascular and respiratory disease, head and neck cancer, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, the immunobiology of lymphoma, medical radiation, lung cancer, nursing and midwifery and maternal child health over five years.


The Fellowships form part of the $20.55 million Office of Health and Medical Research fellowship program.


The new Health Research Fellows are:

  • Associate Professor John Fraser (The Prince Charles Hospital):  to continue esearch to combat and treat end stage cardiovascular and respiratory disease by facilitating the integration of emerging cardiovascular devices and technology into clinical practice.
  • Mrs Bena Cartmill (Princess Alexandra Hospital): to examine the treatment-related and service delivery factors impacting on patient and carer outcomes in patient with head and neck cancer receiving intensified non-surgical oncologic treatment.
  • Ms Angela Ratsch (Fraser Coast Health Service): to examine the effects of orally self-administered wild tobacco (pituri) on maternal and neonatal outcomes in the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations.
  • Associate Professor Maher Gandhi (Princess Alexandra Hospital):  to continue  research in the immunobiology of lymphoma and addressing problems of direct clinical relevance.

The New Clinical Academic Fellowships include:

  • Principal Fellow Medical Radiation Science and Sonography (Mackay Base Hospital and Central Queensland University): This position will focus on ensuring patients are receiving radiation treatments safely and not unnecessarily, resulting in positive patient outcomes. This position will be based in a relatively new area of research and focus on developing a research culture within Mackay and regional Queensland.
  • Academic Thoracic Physician for Lung Cancer (The Prince Charles Hospital and the University of Queensland): The position will assist in developing a state-wide respiratory network and will undertake state-of-the-art research in lung cancer diagnosis and management. The position will also provide training and mentorship to junior research, clinical, nursing and allied health colleagues.
  • Midwifery Clinical Academic Fellow (Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital and The University of Queensland): The position will undertake research into pre-conception and early pregnancy care and establish an evidence based framework for pre-conception care in Queensland.
  • Senior Research Academic Fellow - Maternal and Child Health (Nambour Hospital and University of the Sunshine Coast): This position will establish a Maternal Child Health Research Reference Group which will increase nursing research capacity on the Sunshine Coast.