Dr Bates Gill, formerly Director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.


Dr Gates, who will succeed Professor Geoffrey Garrett,  is a distinguished think tank leader with strong policy links in the United States, Asia and Europe. His previous positions include serving as Freeman Chair in China Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and as inaugural Director of the Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution, both in Washington DC.


An expert on American defence and security issues in East Asia with a focus on China, Dr Gill has overseen the publication of the last four SIPRI Yearbooks on Armaments, Disarmament and International Security, all published by Oxford University Press. He is also author of Rising Star: China's New Security Diplomacy published by the Brookings Institution Press.


Dr Gill is expected to take up the appointment in October. Until then, Professor Garrett will continue to serve as CEO of the US Studies Centre in addition to his new duties as Dean of the University of Sydney Business School.