The Coalition’s proposed policies on science, health and medical funding have been welcomed by research authorities.

Health research alliance Research Australia has welcomed promises from the Federal LNP, saying it would create sustained investment in the sector, benefitting patients and the medical science community.

Research Australia Managing Director and CEO, Elizabeth Foley said “while there is no additional funding outlined in the Coalition’s policy, the plan aims to simplify and streamline grant applications and approvals, so that researchers spend less time doing onerous paperwork and spend more time undertaking research... the Coalition has committed to working with the NHMRC, and the sector, to transition to five year grants, which we agree will help to create greater career certainty for many in the research community”.

Ms Foley is wary that there are many bases to cover to improve the whole state of research in Australia, saying “Research Australia recognises that a significant amount of research, relevant to human health and healthcare delivery, is funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC), and we would welcome a similar commitment by the Coalition to protect the ARC's funding programs”.

Part of the Coalition’s platform in the run-up to the next election is the promise to use science to inform legislation, though experts have routinely questioned their stance on certain elements of biology, ecology and climate change.