Rural Liberals want to officially question the validity of climate science, putting concerns on the agenda for its upcoming federal council.

The Liberal Party's Federal Regional and Rural Committee will move a motion at this weekend’s conference calling for a parliamentary inquiry into climate science.

The rural members want to “examine the scientific evidence that underpins the man-made global warming theory and investigate the reasons for the failure of computer models, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and prominent individuals to predict, among other things, the pause in global warming this century”

Insiders say the motion will recommend that “in light of the uncertainty around this issue, Australia does not sign any binding agreement at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris later this year”.

It may have been easier for them to contact the Climate Council

The federal council meeting will also see the end of the tenure of honorary treasurer Philip Higginson.

Higginson is stepping down after claiming there was a conflict of interest for the Prime Minister's chief of staff to be married to the party's federal director.

He will likely be replaced by businessman Andrew Burnes, the sole nominee for the role.