The Federal Government is aiming to foster relationships between research bodies and educational institutions by establishing a new $16 million multidisciplinary Science of Learning Research Centre.


The new centre will be responsible for identifying new teaching practices that are based on solid scientific evidence and will be administered by the Australian Research Council (ARC).


Calling for eligible research institutions to apply to administer the new centre, Acting ARC Chief Executive Officer Ms Leanne Harvey said the Government is strengthening the country’s education system and focusing on identifying the best teaching methods to ensure that the nation’s children get the best start in life.


“This Science of Learning Research Centre will help Australia build a scientific evidence base that can directly inform teaching practices,” Ms Harvey said.


“It will do this by bringing together high-quality researchers, education professionals and parents, who will share their diverse knowledge and experience.


“Research translated into live educational settings will also be an essential activity of the centre. This first-hand situation will allow researchers to test the transfer of new insights into practice, and will integrate digital technology as a learning tool.


“Overall, with the centre, we aim to create a unified effort by practitioners and researchers and use solid research to work out what education practices work best. The Government will then draw on this experience and knowledge to drive transformational changes in teaching and learning for a smarter Australia.”


More details, including funding rules and application dates, are here.