An expert group is calling for the planet to come together and develop a strategy for human survival.

A group of Australian scientists, business leaders, public servants and academics has joined the Commission for The Human Future.

Recognising mounting catastrophic risks from mismanaged human and environmental systems, underregulated weapons and the failure of our political processes to address serious challenges like climate change and pandemic disease, the newly formed Commission for the Human Future says it is time for humanity to act together to secure our future.

“The coronavirus pandemic, Australia’s recent bushfire crisis and severe drought highlight how catastrophic risks are building up. Most countries are experiencing similar increases in uncontrolled threats. These are a wake-up call to the whole of humanity that it is time for action,” Commission chairman Professor John Hewson said.

At a recent roundtable, the group considered ten major catastrophic threats to humanity that they say are interconnected.

“This means we must solve them together, not one at a time, and with solutions that make no threat worse. What we are facing now with COVID 19 is a dress rehearsal for other threats to come,” Prof Hewson said.

“The group also agreed that many practical solutions exist and can easily be implemented to avoid catastrophic consequences in the years ahead.

“What humans do about catastrophic risks in the next decade will determine whether current and future generations will face serious threats to their survival – or whether we can build a safer, more prosperous and sustainable future.

“The group concluded that solving these risks holds tremendous opportunities for wellbeing, development, stability, peace and renewal for the whole world – and that the benefits to all of acting now as a global community are enormous.”

A full report of the roundtable discussion will be issued shortly.