Researchers and policy makers from East Asia and Australia have converged on the Indonesian city of Makassar for a three-day, Australian-led summit to discuss urban sustainability and adaptation to climate change in urban areas.


Policy makers from 18 East Asian countries have met with counterparts from the Australian Government and researchers from CSIRO in Makassar for a number of workshops.


“These research projects share common themes of improving understanding of urban water sustainability and livelihoods under a changing climate,” said Dr Brenda Lin, CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship.


“These projects are also building local capacity and facilitating sharing of local knowledge and practice. By sharing information about initiatives underway in different country contexts, it is hoped that policy makers across the East Asian region can learn about best practice on climate adaptation research and responses, and use this to develop adaptation options that can be transferred across national borders.”


The two workshops include regional partners identified at the 1st and 2nd High Level Seminars organised through the East Asia Summit process.


Participants include delegates from the 18 East Asian nations, CSIRO researchers from the Climate Adaptation Flagship, as well as Australian Government representatives.