Experts have launched a calculator to help people understand their risk factors for COVID-19 infection and vaccination.

The new tool has been launched by the Immunisation Coalition in collaboration with Australian researchers.

The Immunisation Coalition COVID-19 Risk Calculator (CoRiCal) is accessible here.

The website is meant to support GPs and community members in their discussions about the benefits and risks of COVID-19 vaccines.

Users can access the tool and input their age, sex, community transmission and vaccination status to find out their personalised risk calculation.

For example, a person could find out their chance of being infected with COVID-19 versus their chance of dying from the disease.

Users can find out their chance of developing an atypical blood clot from the AstraZeneca vaccine and see this data in the context of other relatable risks – like getting struck by lightning or winning OzLotto.

The CoRiCal Covid Risk Calculator is in its pilot stage but will be continuously updated in line with the latest health and scientific advice, including risk assessments on Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, pre-existing medical conditions such as obesity and diabetes, and long COVID.