109 of the best and brightest minds from countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, China and Germany are coming to Australia to undertake their world-class research, thanks to the Australian Research Council’s fellowships and rewards.


Highlighting the importance of attracting and retaining world-class research talent, ARC Chief Executive Officer and Advisory Council Chair Professor Margaret Sheil said ARC fellowships and awards were helping Australia grow and maintain a skilled and talented research workforce.


“The new Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards scheme has attracted 109 promising early career researchers to Australian shores this year—this includes citizens of 30 countries and Australians returning from six countries,” Professor Sheil said.


“These 109 researchers represented 40 per cent of the Awards announced last November,” she said.


At their meeting, the ARC Advisory Council spoke of the importance of attracting research talent from across the globe to help Australia address national issues such as industry transformation, and global issues such as our changing climate.