The Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation (ACBI), a joint initiative between the NSW Government and research organisations CSIRO and NICTA (National ICT Australia), has been launched in Marsfield, NSW.

The NSW Government has contributed $7.5 million to establish the centre over three years (to 2013) with matching in-kind support from the CSIRO and NICTA.

The centre will work with industry to create and deliver broadband applications in four key areas:

  1. Digital media and interactive broadcasting - increasing possibilities for companies to collaborate on digital media projects, worldwide, in real time;
  2. Tele health and e-health technologies - providing increased access to different types of health services for people living in rural and remote areas;
  3. Infrastructure such as smart grid including in the area of transport - to deliver efficiency improvements, maximise business productivity and minimise pollution; and
  4. E-Government - working with Government to develop ICT platforms and deliver access to better education, health, and utility services.

ACBI will operate over multiple sites. CSIRO’s ICT Centre at Marsfield will be connected by broadband to NICTA at the Australian Technology Park and the NSW Government’s NBN testbed at Parkbridge Estate, south west of Sydney (see In 2011, the network will extend to Armidale, an NBN First Release Site. At start up in 2011, about 20 people will be employed by the ACBI at Marsfield.