The Australian Research Council (ARC) has announced a $1 million funding extension for the Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security.


Announcing the funding, Acting ARC CEO Ms Leanne Harvey said the ARC Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security made a vital contribution to addressing a range of important issues from everyday policing to national and global security.

“Since then, the Centre has been undertaking high-quality research to better understand the origins, motivations and dynamics of crime and security threats. This research is helping Australia improve its crime prevention and security policies.

“The research is also helping improve education and training programs in forensic intelligence; inform infrastructure security and natural disaster responses; and contribute to the increasing professionalisation of police forces—particularly through its research into police leadership and ethics.”


Ms Harvey said she was pleased the funding would also help the Centre strengthen its close partnerships with Australian police, security experts and forensic services.


Director of the Centre Professor Simon Bronitt said the funding boost would help the Centre attract and train new research talent for the future.


"Since 2006, CEPS has grown to more than 100 researchers and associate investigators, based across four universities—Griffith University, the Australian National University, the University of Queensland and Charles Sturt University,” Professor Bronitt said.


The Centre, administered by Griffith University, was established in 2007 with ARC funding of $10 million over five years. The additional $1 million in funding has been awarded following a comprehensive review of the Centre’s operations and performance. The findings of the review were overwhelmingly positive and the additional funding will help the Centre to continue its research in 2013.