Scientists are discovering the amazing properties of atomically-thin, twisted graphene.

A new study says COVID-19 shows airborne spread of viruses has been “vastly underappreciated”.

China is preparing to test a molten salt nuclear reactor that uses thorium instead of uranium.

A new study has shown the advantages of combining green roofs with solar setups.

Over half of Australians in a recent survey support getting rid of retail cigarette sales within the decade.

Experts say sticky tape can protect people from computer hackers, but not in the way many might think.

The WA Government is funding new wave power studies.

Western Australia’s first locally-made satellite has been launched into space.

A new study suggests far more university students are cheating than previously thought.

Experts say stressed teens benefit from coping online.

Researchers have found a gene that appears to be a master timekeeper for the brain's circadian clock.

Rain is falling on Greenland's highest point for the first time on record.

Experts say satellites could enhance water quality management.

Experts have found new ‘recordings’ of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Experts say selective breeding can produce heat-tolerant corals.

Three out of four turtle populations risk cadmium contamination, according to scientists.

China says it has created the world’s fastest wind tunnel.

Experts are testing faecal transplants as a treatment option for people living with Parkinson’s.

There has been a breakthrough in a 20-year quest for the genetic basis for a facial deformity condition.

Researchers are studying magic mushroom ‘microdosing’ as a way to improve mental health and performance.

Some parents have become concerned about petroleum giant Woodside’s presence in schools.

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