First listed on: 26 May 2020

PhD Scholarship - Microplastics pollution treatment and remediation

Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences

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The award

This project develops new approaches for microplastics extraction, analysis and treatment technologies. Microplastics are tiny plastic particles, mostly in the size range from 1-2 mm to nearly 10 microns range. These particles are most commonly produced a result of natural degradation of larger plastic waste in water bodies. Microplastics pose potential harm to marine biota, but also, as many marine animals are on the higher end of the food chain, they are potentially consumed by humans resulting in several long term health issues.

The PhD candidate will play a key role in development of technologies to effectively extract the microplastics from water bodies followed by analysis to provide a detailed characterisation of the pollutants. This will help understand the extent of the problem present in various water bodies. The project will also investigate foaming technologies as a low cost remediation process to treat water bodies.

Selection criteria

The ideal candidate will have a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Physical Chemistry or similar background. The project will also be relevant to candidates who hold a 1st Class Honours or have significant industry experience in waste water treatment.

The selected student should be available to commence candidature at the start of research quarter 3 2020 (July 2020).

To be eligible to apply, you must also meet the entry requirements for Higher Degrees by Research at UQ. Please visit the Graduate School's website.


The 2020 Research Training Program (RTP) living allowance stipend rate is AUD$28,092 per annum (indexed annually), which is tax-free for three years with two possible extensions of up to 6 months each in approved circumstances (conditions apply). Click here further information on this scholarship.


For further information, please contact Dr Pradeep Shukla at

How to apply

Please visit the advertisement on the Grad School website for information on how to apply. Please do not click the apply button.

Applications close 10 June 2020 at 11.00PM AEST.


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