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First listed on: 27 July 2021
Group Leader Digital Research Infrastructure


Executive Level 2 (S&T Level 7)
$145,319 - $163,537 (plus Super)
Edinburgh - SA


The Role
The Group Leader Digital Research Infrastructure (GLDRI) ensures sovereign digital research infrastructure (and related systems) required for novel, complex and highly advanced programs of work are well-integrated and provisioned securely, effectively and efficiently.

They provide key leadership in the delivery of Defence strategic initiatives, including “Digital Science & eResearch” and “DSTG’s Adoption of Defence non-research ICT” plans which will deliver against the ‘Outstanding Research Infrastructure for Innovation’ pillar of the Defence Science & Technology Strategy 2030.

GLDRI provides significant leadership to Discipline and Section Leaders across DSSC and DSTG, and with a high degree of independence, is accountable for leading the interrelationship with the S&T program, vendor partnerships. They provide the strategic guidance, direction and collaboration necessary to ensure digital research infrastructure capability and delivery (across the Defence and National Security S&T ecosystem).

They will be accountable for planning and managing a significant integrated workforce (~50 APS and contractors), financial (including Defence integrated investment funding) and physical resources, and drives the development of relevant STEM workforce skills, future technology processes, and succession plans.

The GLDRI is responsible for:

  • Defence’s High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure ensuring the ability to accelerate the execution of scientific computational workloads. This capability involves communal access, massive scale supercomputing, high speed networks, fast data transfer, low latency, and requires a high level of infrastructure tuning;
  • Driving Defence S&T collaboration through the Science Research Computing Environment (SRCE), providing reliable and secure hardware foundations for Defence S&T and their partners to develop digital research together;
  • The technical oversight of the Laboratory and Experimental Systems Directorate, which provides research specific hardware, synthetic environments, laboratory connected systems, trials support and experiment data transfer;
  • Building and delivering a secure and reliable, multi-tiered research data storage array, enabling researchers to store, easily access and archive vast amounts of research data;
  • Secure, flexible, high bandwidth and low latency research networks (including the oversight of Defence’s Research WANs), enabling researchers to quickly move vast amounts of research data and engage with remote experiments in real time; and
  • Delivering a secure research computational environment for both HPC and SRCE, providing a reliable and secure software foundation for Defence S&T and their partners to develop digital research together.

About our Team
The Scientific Computing (SC) branch enables and accelerates Defence science and technology research and protects assets in DSTG’s digital research environments. SC does this by provisioning and supporting scientific computing infrastructure that is well-managed, sustainable and scalable; continuing to invest in innovative centralised digital research infrastructure and services, while divesting commodity distributed ICT infrastructure and services; and developing new Scientific Computing practises and technologies.

The Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) directorate provides secure, effective and efficient digital research and eResearch infrastructure and related systems where a sovereign capability is required for Defence’s S&T capabilities. Specifically, DRI is responsible for:

  • High performance computing (HPC);
    Science Research Computing Environment (SRCE);
  • Common research computational environments on HPC and SRC;E
  • Research data storage and data security;
  • Core research networks and cloud services;
  • Research wide area networks (WANS);
  • Administration of research data bases;
  • Research Infrastructure Systems.

To learn more about DST Group please see our DST Corporate Video.

Our Ideal Candidate
We are looking for a collaborator who will be able to understand the needs of our varied customers and stakeholders and produce results according to their requirements. The right person for this role will show the flexibility to respond to the changing context and shifting priorities of the organisation/stakeholders and the agility to realign resourcing to meet that new demand. They will be a leader who provides support and guidance to their team to ensure they are sensitive to Defence strategic direction and equipped to excel in their capabilities.

 Application Closing Date: 09 August 2021

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