First listed on: 22 January 2020
Force Design Analyst 

The Joint and Operations Analysis Division is seeking to fill the S&T5 Force Design Analyst role. The force analyst position is focused on the two aspects of the Force Effectiveness and Experimentation group: force design research and innovation, and the conduct of force structure analysis. Whilst preference is for the role to satisfy both aspects, it is accepted that an individual incumbent in the position may have strength in one or other of these aspects.

In the force design research aspect, the role will be a leading research and development contributor to innovation of Joint Force Structure design, evaluation and optimisation.  This involves the conceptualisation, design, planning and implementation of tools and processes to support force structure planning.  The focus going forward will be particularly on modelling and simulation and the development of the tools for data capture, visualisation and data exploitation/management that will underpin the Joint Experimentation and Wargaming Laboratory.

The role will be a leading operations research contributor to the creation of a robust evidentiary basis for force structure decision making through modelling, analysis and communication.  This includes applying relevant Defence knowledge in the use of experimentation, wargaming and other analytic techniques, to elicit stakeholder force structure needs, and facilitate the construction and evaluation of force structure options to satisfy those needs.  Activities undertaken will include development of software models, conducting complex data analyses, and the creation of reports, briefings and visualisations.

Application Closing Date: Wednesday 12 February 2020

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