First listed on: 30 May 2018


Chief Operating Officer  


Position Overview

This position oversees the direction and management of the Strategic and Shared Services Division (S&SS). The Division includes; Financial and Travel Services, Library and Information Services, Policy, PR and Marketing services, Strategic Planning, Facilities and Infrastructure, Work Health and Safety, Records, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and Human Resources

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) will be responsible for all major decisions affecting the work of the Division, ensuring all activities are aligned to support the delivery of education and training, and achieving the key priorities identified in the Institute’s strategic plan.  The COO will provide essential leadership to the Managers and staff within the Division.

It is also expected the position will be an advocate for the Institute and will work closely with the Chief Executive Officer and other members of the Executive Management Group to achieve and maintain high standards of organizational performance while at all times adhering to the core values of the Institute. 

Key responsibilities

1. Deliver outstanding and efficient corporate services

  • Lead the Division to ensure it provides efficient, effective and responsive services to support all activities of the Institute with a clear emphasis on measurable outcomes and user satisfaction.
  • Work across the Institute to ensure alignment and efficiency of corporate services, and to ensure all Institute entities are appropriately supported in their human resources, IT, legal, infrastructure and property needs.
  • Lead the strategic change agenda for the Shared Services Division, utilising external benchmarking to achieve best-practice outcomes in terms of both outcomes and efficiency.

2. Deliver high quality systems, processes and infrastructure

  • Ensure the development of simple and effective policies, processes and systems that deliver the key corporate services required for the achievement of the Institute’s Strategic Plan.
  • Deliver high quality and fit-for-purpose infrastructure to support the delivery of academic, Vocational Education and Training, teaching, administrative and research priorities.

3. Build a client focus in corporate service delivery

  • Create and foster a customer service culture within the Shared Services Division so that students, staff and other stakeholders experience shared services as responsive, outcomes-focused and value-added.

4. Support the development of organisational capacity

  • Lead the development and execution of a strategic approach, enhancing the Institute’s workforce capability and ensuring that Institute-wide major organisational changes are achieved in a timely, effective manner.
  • Provide advice in developing and managing key commercial services and projects as required.
  • Directly lead major projects as requested.
  • Work with the Campus Operations Manager Batchelor Campus and Campus Manager Alice Springs to provide the Institute with an operational /maintenance plans for; kitchens, facilities, maintenance, grounds, Residential and remote facilities.
  • Work with the CFO to plan, develop and implement appropriate systems within the Finance Department to enable timely and accurate reporting and acquittal of externally funded projects;
  • Ensure compliance to the Institute’s Finance, Travel and Purchasing policies;

5. Contribute to the Institute’s strategic planning and delivery

  • Participate in the determination of the Institute’s strategy including the development of the Strategic Plan, budgets and policies and ensure delivery of the strategy through the provision of efficient and effective corporate services.
  • Ensure the alignment of Institute’s human resources, IT, legal and property functions with the overall Institute
  • strategy.
  • Develop an efficient ICT service delivery model appropriate to this organisation and its strategic objectives, achieve efficiencies through innovative practices and incorporate new technologies in every aspect of the Institute’s business

Essential Selection Criteria 

  1. Thorough understanding of and commitment to equal opportunity principles, affirmative action and a demonstrated capacity to work within the social, political and cultural context of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  2. Extensive experience in leading major corporate service functions in a medium to large institutional environment.
  3. Demonstrated experience in developing, managing and continuously improving innovative, efficient and customer-focused service, human resource and infrastructure solutions.
  4. Extensive experience in transforming and simplifying systems, processes and services to deliver quality outcomes to support an organisation’s strategic plan.
  5. A proven track record in driving strategic development and change within complex, diverse organisational environments.
  6. Demonstrated skill in communicating the organisational vision and in engaging executive leaders and their teams to achieve outstanding results.
  7. High level interpersonal skills, including the ability to motivate and influence academic and professional staff.
  8. Proven ability to combine a collegial style with decisive solutions and practical implementation strategies.
  9. Proven ability to represent the University and develop links with governments, agencies, other education providers, industry and the general community.
  10. Tertiary qualifications in an appropriate discipline or equivalent professional experience


  1. Knowledge of either the Vet and/or Higher Education sectors
  2. Finance or Strategic Services management role in a higher and/or tertiary educational or training organisation.

NOTE: Copies of qualifications and evidence of experience MUST be submitted.

Further information is available from the Batchelor Institute website or the Human Resources Unit on (08) 8939 7443.

Applications close: Sunday 17th June 2018


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