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    Head Of Professional Development (2 Roles)

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) is an independent statutory authority responsible for the curriculum, assessment, teacher accreditation and regulatory standards in NSW schools, and accreditation of early childhood teachers. NESA is responsible for developing policies and initiatives for evaluating and improving quality teaching and student learning across all schools and school sectors. NESA was established on 1 January 2017, in response to the need to adopt a more strategic and outward-looking focus, greater clarity of regulatory roles and responsibilities, and streamlined processes and systems.

We are looking to fill the following roles:

1. Head Research and Development, Professional Learning

2. Head Policy and Evaluation, Professional Learning

Both positions manage the development, implementation and monitoring of policies, processes and guidelines for the approval of courses and providers of professional learning for teachers. In terms of specific remits these are as follows:

  • The Head Research and Development leads strategic research, and the commissioning of targeted programs in priority areas, to ensure alignment of outcomes with professional teaching standards and government priorities.  
  • The Head Policy and Evaluation is responsible for leading strategic and risk-based audits of providers, and overseeing course data integrity, to ensure alignment of outcomes with professional teaching standards and government priorities.

To be successful in these roles you will need to demonstrate your immediate proficiency in the focus capabilities as highlighted in the role descriptions. All the capabilities listed in the role description will be assessed at different stages of the recruitment process. This assessment will determine your suitability for appointment and may assist in identifying any learning and development needs for you to reach your full potential in this role.

NESA is committed to a workplace culture that is respectful and inclusive, valuing the diverse perspectives that our people bring from their homes and communities.  We welcome applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people from diverse cultures and people with disability.

NESA will provide reasonable adjustments in our recruitment processes and in the workplace.  If you will require this, please call or email the contact person listed below, and also let us know of your preferred means of communication.

Applying for the roles:

To apply for these role you need to submit an application online via

The application and selection process will include a range of assessment techniques to assist in determining your suitability for the role. For the initial application process you should submit a cover letter (1 page), resume (up to 5 pages), address any essential requirements noted above, and include a short statement in response to two pre-screening questions.

Pre-screening questions:

Answer the two pre-screening questions below - we are looking for you to demonstrate your competency in this focus capability. Answer with concrete examples and in no more than 300 words per question. Briefly describe the context of the situation(s), the actions that you took, the outcome of your efforts and what you learned from the experience.

Q1: Describe a time when you have worked with others on a complex project or initiative to research and analyse information, identify problems and make recommendations.  What was the situation, how did you contribute and what challenges did you face in relation to people and tasks? What was the outcome?

Q2: If asked to give a presentation to senior executives on the issues relating to the endorsement of professional development providers in NSW, and in line with the accreditation of teachers in this state, what would your main points be, and what communication style would you use to convey these themes?Under new employment legislation all current and new Public Service non-executive employees are employed at a classification level and assigned to a role rather than appointed to a position. Employees may be re-assigned to other roles at the same classification over time, in line with organisation priorities and/or personal development plans.

Consistent with the entitlements of public sector applicants, NESA is prepared to negotiate bilateral agreements with current employers of successful non-government school applicants to facilitate right of return and recognition of service while employed by NESA.

Work type: Full time, Ongoing

Closing date: 21.01.2019 at 11.59pm

To view the role description for Head Research & Development click here.

To view the role description for Head Policy & Evaluation click here.


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