Data Skills for Policy Professionals

Wednesday 17th February 2021

In this half-day seminar, Chief Behavioural Scientist, Dr Dirk Van Rooy and Lauren Rasche from ThinkPlace, will unpack how you can use data to answer policy questions and to evaluate policy. Covering the essential information, the seminar will provide an introduction to research designs, cover different techniques for collecting data, and will discuss measurement issues.

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You will get the chance to work through practical exercises to demonstrate the use of frameworks such as the Theory of Change, which can help articulate how various options are expected to work and the strength of the evidence that underpins them.

This interactive seminar will also discuss how you can evaluate policy outcomes, determine the extent to which a policy caused or contributed to a set of outcomes, understand what a good outcome is and how to measure it. Dirk and Lauren will bring the seminar to a close by discussing practical and ethical issues when dealing with vulnerable populations.

Key Takeaways

  • An understanding of key terms related to making decisions with data
  • Knowledge of how people make decisions using data
  • Practical experience with a simple, structured process you can follow to make decisions using data
  • Knowledge of key data & analysis concepts
  • The ability to have an informed conversation with data professionals in your organisation

Who should attend?

This seminar has been designed for public sector policy professionals looking to develop and build their data skills and capabilities, including those with responsibility for: Policy, Programs, Projects, Research, Evaluation and Performance

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